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Will small states matter in new EU?

Preparations for the referendums for EU membership in the Baltic states (as well as other candidate

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Legislative teamwork on eve of accession

A self-proclaimed workaholic, Ingrida Udre has been on the ball long before she entered politics in

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Quote of the week

"In reality, it is hard to guess at this point what will happen sooner: the division of quotas or Ch

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Rarely do the Baltic nations snarl at one another, but from time to time it does happen – as with an

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ICC challenges Baltic diplomacy

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are learning yet again what it means to be the little siblings in the

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Baltic tiger and Brazauskas at the bridge

There's been a lot of good news on the economic front in Lithuania as of late. The business papers h

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Prevention in organization

Kalle Laanet is an energetic young professional who, upon being appointed chief of police in Tallinn

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George Orwell's big surprise

He was "Don Quixote on a bicycle," the "wintry conscience of his generation" and if he had lived lon

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It finally happened. The much ballyhooed visa and transit reform regulating Lithuania's borders with

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Report: organ trafficking on rise

How much food and clothing can $3,000 buy? Is it worth a lifetime of suffering? Some East Europeans

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