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EU referendum: voting as a pleasant surprise

Lithuanian voters have a strange tradition to surprise politicians and pollsters. One can recall the

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'Yes' wins. But now what?

Petras Austrevicius was the chief negotiator in Lithuania's European Union membership process and on

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EU reforms open split

At its most basic, the debate on the shape of the EU's institutions after enlargement comes down to

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Baltic leaders have probably never felt so flattered, yet so flustered, in their short post-Soviet h

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21st century crusade

The rhetoric (as well as some actions) of Lithuania's new president, Rolandas Paksas, especially in

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Rogue regimes in crosshairs

U.S. President George W. Bush recently declared victory in Iraq. Will America's overwhelming display

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Lithuanian identity and integration

For many postcommunist states, a major task of historical research has been the construction of an i

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Two events last week stood out among the plethora of troubling international news. Both originated c

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Money and politics in Latvia

Since the 2002 parliamentary election, many column inches in the Latvian press have been dedicated t

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Lithuania has a role to play in EU

Justas Vincas Paleckis has been working as Lithuania's deputy minister of foreign affairs for 18 mon

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