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Swarovski couple seized at passport control

VILNIUS - On Aug. 7 at 6:30 p.m., Gernot Langes-Swarovski, head of Austria's Swarovski company, and

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Media group defends right to broadcast in Russian

RIGA - The owner of a mass media group, comprising a radio station and several Russian-language news

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Pedestrians set to rule Old Town

RIGA - A new project for regulating the flow of traffic in Riga's Old Town proposes closing half its

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Latvia vs. Lavent: a never-ending story

RIGA - The trial of former head and owner of the collapsed Banka Baltija, Alexander Lavent, which ha

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Narvans propose equal status for Russian language

NARVA - The United People's Party faction of Narva City Council has proposed that the idea of making

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Off the wire

PUNISHED PEACEKEEPERS: Estonian defense forces commander Rear Adm. Tarmo Kouts discharged six soldie

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Police harass beer drinkers

VILNIUS - Lithuanian police now have the opportunity to teach good manners to beer drinkers. People

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New weekly kicks off with scandal

RIGA - A new Russian-language weekly in Latvia, Moskovsky Komsomolets-Baltija, promoted its first is

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Dome clock starts ticking again

RIGA - Anticipating the city's 800th anniversary this weekend, the capital's central clock, the Riga

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Presidential candidates intensify PR efforts

TALLINN - Estonia will be electing a new president on Aug. 27, the day when the Parliament and local

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