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Investor accuses officials of corruption

RIGA - Gundars Bojars, Riga's mayor, has repeatedly told reporters here that one of his top prioriti

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Power plant under attack

RIGA - A number of local municipal governments, together with the Latvian Ministry of Environmental

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Give a reason to buy

"In the factory we make cosmetics, in my stores we sell hope"- Charles RevsonDo you think you

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Local government involved in shady real estate deal

TALLINN - The city government of Tallinn and the district government of Lasnamae are planning to ren

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Lithuania to sell last state-owned bank in Baltics

Baltic Business Weekly, VILNIUS - The privatization tender for Lithuania's last state-owned bank, th

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State taxes certain to drop

TALLINN - At a time when prices and salaries are going up, some state taxes are about to drop by rou

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Off the wire

CALL CUTS: The Estonian fixed-line telecommunications operator Eesti Telefon will cut this year's in

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Finns take control of Estonia's top poultry producer

HELSINKI - In accordance with an agreement signed in June, the controlling stake in the Estonian pou

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Latvia plans to curb offshore deals

RIGA - In an effort to clean up Latvia's investment landscape, specialists from various government i

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A young mayor unafraid of change, or a simple challenge

Arturas Zuokas, 33, the young, ambitious and energetic mayor of Vilnius, is a fine contrast to Lithu

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