Latvia may be represented in the EU by KGB agents

RIGA - The Latvian Parliament is currently trying to determine how to elect people to represent the

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Who will win, man or hogweed?

RIGA - Every year between 10 and 12 people are hospitalized at the State Burns Treatment Center afte

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Drunk police commissioner disgraces force

TALLINN - A drunk traffic and patrol commissioner Ants Pajumagi, 45, ran down a cyclist in his Mazda

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New precedent set as pirate is sentenced

TALLINN - Tallinn City Court recently sentenced a video pirate to a 10-month suspended sentence, set

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Off the wire

PRINCELY VISIT: Britain's Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales, expects to visit Latvia in early Nove

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Radar inspires young astronomers

RIGA - From June 16 to 28, the University of Ventspils housed around 50 young students and lecturers

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Brutal border massacre still under investigation

VILNIUS - The 10th anniversary of the massacre of seven Lithuanian border guards near the town of Me

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Aviation crash kills prominent businessman

RIGA - Well-known Latvian-German businessman Matiss Klavins was killed in a horrific helicopter cras

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Chirac boosts Baltic hopes

RIGA - Government officials in the Baltic states hailed a three-day tour of their capital cities by

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