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Adamkus is the most expensive president in the Baltics

TALLINN - Valdas Adamkus is the most expensive president in the Baltic countries, according to a sur

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Green activists stage protest to stop hotel

RIGA - The proposed construction of a hotel within a few meters of St. Peter's Church in Riga's Old

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Farmers create political divisions

VILNIUS - President Valdas Adamkus was hissed and whistled at for the first time in his career durin

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Watch out! Swindlers on the loose

TALLINN - A bunch of tricksters is lurking to swindle you out of your last kroon, if you are naive e

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The Bharatnatyam dancer

TALLINN - For 34-year-old Pille Roosi, "Art is universal in its significance. It cannot be confined

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Getting too tough on the excluded

It was very disturbing to read the report ("Vilnius turns on beggars," No. 246), on the somewhat bru

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Latvian voters, who turned out in large numbers at polling stations last Sunday, overwhelmingly supp

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Estonian retailer strong despite flat Baltic Index

Most large capitalization Baltic List stocks again moved downwards, as priced in euros, in the outgo

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Private sector boosts "E-stonia" image

TALLINN - Seven major companies intend to invest 250 million kroons ($14.7 million) over the next th

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Belarus pledges more exports through Latvia

VENTSPILS - The inauguration of a recently expanded cargo terminal at Ventspils Free Port may give f

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