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Via extravagantly "expensiva"

Has anybody noticed that the Via Baltica road project just quadrupled in price? No, more than quadru

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Lithuanians ready to confront history

VILNIUS - An apology from the Catholic Church in Lithuania last year took the pope's lead in repenti

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Estonian retailer surprises with strong earnings

Most Baltic states' blue chip stocks last week posted losses, pulling the Baltic Index down by 1.5 p

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Do your employees steal from you?

It is tough enough to succeed in business, but with employees dipping into your cash register it is

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Tallinn's blossoming paper tycoon

TALLINN - There's an old saying: "The secret of success is constancy of purpose."That constancy o

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Finnish pulp mill a model for Latvia

HELSINKI/JYUVASKULA - In addition to being the home of Santa Claus, Finland is also the home of a hu

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Local Eesti Telefon calls to go up by a third in April

TALLINN - Estonia's largest telecommunication operator Eesti Telefon recently announced its local ca

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Calls grow for shipping to stay local

VILNIUS - Algirdas Brazauskas, chairman of the opposition Social Democratic Party, called for furthe

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Off the wire

RIGA, SAAREMAA CONNECTED: Saaremaa Jetline, a Danish-owned company in Latvia, will bring a fast boat

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New strategy causes concern

RIGA - In the ongoing war for mobile-phone network subscribers in Latvia, one of the two players, Ba

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