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Nurses rally to demand pay hike

RIGA - About 1,000 nurses gathered March 8 outside a government building in Riga demanding higher pa

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Opposition's next target is PM

TALLINN - The opposition Center Party is aiming to continue its relentless campaign of no-confidence

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Newspaper owner killed near home

TALLINN - Vitali Haitov, owner of the two largest Russian language newspapers in Estonia, was shot o

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Security firm expands into public services

TALLINN - Estonian Security Services, the largest security company in Estonia, will soon be moving i

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Off the wire

B.A. SCREWS UP: British Airways' High Life in-flight magazine extended its apologies March 10 over a

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Lithuania admits seriousness of oil spill

RIGA - A Lithuanian government commission has said that three tons of oil were spilled from the coun

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Mayor survives vote after strip-club visit

TALLINN - Tallinn Mayor Juri Mois survived another no-confidence vote on March 8. This time the reas

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Opposition victorious in local elections

RIGA - The Social Democratic Workers' Party declared unprecedented success in municipal elections ac

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From Russia with shrugs: The Russians in Russia have a few good things to say about their Baltic neighbors

ST. PETERSBURG - Irina doesn't have a clue what life is like in the Baltics, for Russians or anyone

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While Estonians are preparing for the first municipal e-elections in 2002, their southern neighbors

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