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Royal battle

The next Lithuanian presidential election will be held in 14 months. As things stand, the main rival

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"What if...?"

I have been relegated by fate to an observer status, a senior citizen with time to observe and conte

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As Lithuanian politicians debate yet again whether or not to allow foreigners to purchase agricultur

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No fun at the border

This summer my wife and I traveled through Lithuania and Latvia with a couple of friends. This was f

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Lawyers' fees

"When a lawyer tells his clients he has a sliding fee schedule," runs an old joke about lawyers, "wh

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Latvia - a smuggler's paradise

Ten years after it regained independence, Latvia is awash with smuggled goods - and there is little

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100-day media circus

After taking over the helm 100 days ago, the Social Democratic Party has garnered little or no suppo

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Getting out of the trap

The United States has walked only a little way into the trap because it had to. Now it has to decide

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The latest killing of a high-ranking state official - this time a senior judge at Riga's Regional Co

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Giving a helping hand to culture

The October issue of BBC Music Magazine ( features several articles on Esto

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