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Lithuanian foreign trade continues to suffer

VILNIUS - Against a backdrop of rising unemployment, worker demonstrations, and falling salaries, th

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Customers to pay more for better banking services

TALLINN - Thousands of Hansapank clients were surprised last week by the bank's new Internet service

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Cigarette maker stubs out factory plans

RIGA - House of Prince protests lack of import controls and cold shoulder from Latvia for foreign in

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Absentee ballot information available

RIGA – In this presidential election year, the U.S. Embassy would like to remind all Americans livin

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'Junker' excise tax to be reduced

RIGA - The Latvian Ministry of Finance is planning to decrease the tariff on the purchase of used c

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Not much room for newcomers in Kaunas newspaper market

KAUNAS - Under pressure from advertisers, Kaunas' largest and oldest daily newspaper, Kauno Diena (K

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Lithuania's workers rally while the iron is hot

VILNIUS – During the same timeframe that saw the International Monetary Fund cheering the Andrius Ku

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Healthy people are bathing in the Baltic sea now

VILNIUS - Brrr. Hundreds of people running to bathe in the Baltic sea in Palanga in wintertime is no

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US report slams Latvian justice system

RIGA - Latvia's judges may be independent, but they are poorly trained, inefficient and possibly cor

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Pedophilia documents surrendered to intelligence

RIGA — The documents that purportedly implicate two top-ranking government officials in a pedophile

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