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Queen of Castanets leaves it all to Latvia

On display at the Museum of Riga's History and Navigation, is a rare and very personal collection do

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EU pushes Estonia to tax newspapers

TALLINN – It seems that no clear answer can be reached on the question of whether Estonia's newspape

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Deadlock over Baltic-German bill postponed

TALLINN – The ruling coalition agreed during an emergency meeting on Feb. 29 of faction leaders and

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Tallinn seeks ways to employ disabled

TALLINN — Indrek Ehtla was 13-years-old when he became paralyzed from the waist down as a result of

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Baltics in brief

THIS HOTEL DOESN'T TAKE RESERVATIONS: The construction of the new European - standard prison in Tart

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Denmark in Lithuania's corner

VILNIUS - Denmark is the first foreign country that has promised to give financial support for the c

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Savenko war crimes trial opens in Liepaja

RIGA — The resentment and contempt that keeps Latvia a divided nation reached a shrill pitch earlier

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Never too young for gold

RIGA — Latvia has certainly made a name for itself in the bundled-up sports of winter. Renowned Latv

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Morphine available in Estonia but not used by cancer patients

TALLINN – A recent United Nations report showed that cancer patients in Estonia are suffering becaus

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Putin locked into Chechnya

PRAGUE - Russian and Chechen forces increasingly will meet on equal terms and are likely to suffer e

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