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Halfway to Latvia's finest

RIGA - Latvia's Police College celebrated its fourth anniversary at the Police Academy of Latvia on

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Power to build 'Castle of Light'

RIGA – Despite the criticism and ambiguous attitude of society, the government of Latvia has selec

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New sport booming in Latvia

RIGA – Back in the 80s a new sport, floorball, was invented in Sweden by ice-hockey players who want

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An e-Estonia has a new ID

TALLINN – In countries propelling the technological advances of the 21st century, a bank teller migh

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Moscow: Estonia helped a spy

TALLINN – An alleged spy's not-so-stealthy precision was exposed last week in Russia as a mess betwe

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A greater Tallinn, but for whom?

TALLINN – Size matters, at least according to Tallinn's city council chairman, Rein Voog, who said l

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Crash foils Smigun's World Cup hopes

TALLINN (BNS) - Estonian skier Kristina Smigun finished second in this season's women's World Cup se

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Estonia PM, defense minister to present NATO accession plan

TALLINN (BNS) - Estonian Prime Minister Mart Laar, Defense Minister Juri Luik and acting defense for

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Success on college entrance exams means marching

TALLINN – The Estonian Parliament passed a law on March 14 on defense service, including its widely

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Paulauskas calls for cut in defense spending

VILNIUS – Activists of the New Union (Social Liberals) collected 87,000 signatures of Lithuanian cit

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