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Santa, bring me a mobile!

TALLINN - Most Estonian residents are eager to get a mobile phone and various consumer electronics f

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A traditional Lithuanian Christmas

VILNIUS - For Lithuanians, Christmas Eve is the most important time of the holiday season. Families

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First Lady gives kids a Christmas

VILNIUS - The wife of Lithuania's president, Alma Adamkiene, spent the better part of the week from

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Report from hopelessness

This conversation might be regarded as a particular kind of report - a report from hopelessness, whi

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Circus court battle could bring the house down

Behind the fruit machines and news kiosks that line the entrance to Riga's circus lies a different l

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Nuclear threat off northeastern border

Just 100 km from the northeastern border of Estonia there's a delayed-action bomb: a Russian nuclear

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Can Lithuania become a Baltic Tiger?

In the last decade, the economic success of the Republic of Ireland has been nothing short of miracu

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Life in the slow track

As Latvia's larger cities become wealthier the countryside is sinking further into poverty, says the

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Dreaming of horses and green grass

According to official estimates, there are 8,165 Gypsies in Latvia. The ability to keep their own tr

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Competition or advertising campaign?

Following the pedophilia scandal connected to the Mrs. Latvia beauty competition, organizers have ta

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