Santa, bring me a mobile!

  • 2000-12-21
  • Aleksei Gunter
TALLINN - Most Estonian residents are eager to get a mobile phone and various consumer electronics for Christmas, the Estonian research company Emor has found out. On average, people would make presents to six persons and spend 790 kroons ($46) for that.

Emor questioned residents in the capital and the largest Estonian towns - Tartu, Parnu, Rakvere and Viljandi.

"Tallinn younger women with above-average incomes plan to make more presents than any other group of respondents," said Mari-Liis Eensalu, Emor marketing director.

Men tend to make more expensive presents than women, approximately by 150 kroons. In general, the most expensive gifts will be made by men in the 30-to-49-year-old age group.

Cell phones, consumer electronics and everything computer-related are the most desirable presents for all respondents. Many people long to get money for Christmas, be it a lottery win, a wage bonus or just an envelope with bank notes.

According to the survey, non-Estonian younger men are those who desperately want Santa to bring them a mobile telephone, computer or computer games. Fifteen-to-24-year-old residents, both Estonians and non-Estonians, admitted they want consumer electronics.

As previous Emor's surveys have shown, 3 percent of Estonian residents aged 15 to 74 have online shopping experience. CDs and books are the top products bought over the Internet.

Many Estonians told Emor they're mostly concerned about their health and getting on with family well. Other abstract gift wishes have to do with time and vacation, but at the same time many people want to have more work. Besides, people want snow on Christmas - an especially live issue in Estonia, where it often rains on Christmas and New Year's Eve. Good wishes would be the best present for older Estonian women.

Most respondents plan to spend New Year's Eve at home (69 percent of respondents) and at their friends' places (15 percent). Only 4 percent plan to go to a night club, hotel or theater. Keep in mind that this 4 percent makes up roughly 56,000 people, so rush to book tables or buy tickets!