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Living in Valmiera, Latvia

A businessman volunteer from California is drawn to the north Latvia town of Valmiera each summer, j

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Chernobyl's children find respite in Estonia

In the large wooden bunkhouse at Kotka Children's Summercamp on Estonia's northern shore, a handful

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Home sweet home

Property reforms should end in two years time, but until then, many Estonians live in uncertaint

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Don't walk? Just move ahead!

She says that if she sets a goal, she will achieve it. She is the one causing surprise and shocking

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Situation for disabled not easy

Feeling it would not be easy to write about the disabled in Latvia without an inkling of the experie

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Stateless cultures have a place at academic table

One-of-a-kind university research center focuses on the 'losers of history,' Darius James Ross repor

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The truth that no one needs

RIGA – In a god-forsaken place, arms, limbs and other body parts are found. Police close the case, b

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Drugs available to young Latvians

RIGA – The drug users in Latvia are getting younger all the time and are not content with just sniff

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Dozens of thousands see Vilnius Cathedral treasure

VILNIUS - A sensational exhibition of the work of goldsmiths, known as the "Vilnius Cathedral T

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Soviet hotel gets facelift

Construction work on the Soviet-era Hotel Latvia will start this summer. Elina Cerpa reports.Th

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