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Museum celebrates bonding by beekeeping

Lithuania is known for its eccentric collection of museums. Among others, Klaipeda has a clock and s

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Lithuania's pagans try to turn back the clock

The Baltic tribes were the last peoples of Europe to receive Christianity. Overlooked for centur

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Language programs

Next month, it will be one year since Parliament passed controversial amendments to Estonia's langua

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Sculpture signifies will to survive

Society's viewpoints about a monument representing victims of Communist terror, to be erected on the

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Australia Day coincides with Latvia's legal Independence Day

Through a snowsquall they came, mostly pensioners with Australian relatives, to the main hall of Rig

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Serpent striving for wholeness

"Every night I sat at my typewriter without any knowledge what will follow next, Mircea Eliade wrote

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Book chronicles anti-Soviet resistance

Last year Wesley Clark, the NATO supreme army commander in Europe, visited Lithuania. He asked Jonas

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Latvian artist nets the award and Nets the art

From the old world of print art and hand drawing a new vitality emerges as the new millennium offers

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Bible presented at Tartu pastors' conference

At the annual Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church conference in Tartu last month, a reporter listen

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Pastors celebrate Bible translation

TARTU – Accurately translating the Bible into the full richness of a nation's language is a major ev

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