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Absolute precision in 'Bartas style'

During the Arsenals Film Forum this month I suppose I personally saw about 25 films. Among these

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Exchange students come to study in Vilnius

Although Lithuanian educators haven't determined a clear Lithuanian-language equivalent for express

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Latvian, Welsh - languages with a similar struggle

Baltic people and those living several thousand kilo-meters away in Wales have much in common. A

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Graffiti - joy to the city

The police harass teenagers who spray graffiti on walls. However, even architects say that graffiti

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Poems on asphalt

Unlike most graffiti artists, who tend to express their general negative attitude to the whole w

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Fashion show under the stars

The square in front of the Vilnius City Hall was transformed into a giant outdoor fashion pavilion S

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Latvia's sword of Damocles?

Ten years on, Latvia's ethnic Russians have come to terms with the country's independence, but t

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The Bottom line

Slovakian weapons added to Norwegian tiresPart of Latvian National Armed Forces and National Guar

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Foos yer doo's? Aye peckin!

How are you? I'm fine!Latvia's capital Riga was yet again invaded by a foreign army, except this

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Baltics to cash in on reality-based TV craze

Castaways play the survival game on deserted Estonian islandAs the cultural phenomenon of voyeuri

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