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More power to party members

It seems there are almost no members of the Lithuanian Conservative Party who think that the statute

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Tarzan: King of Lithuanian forest

The legend of Tarzan, a man who lives by his wiles among the apes in the jungle, has universal appea

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Middle Eastern masseur

Ramat Mushtabu never imagined that one day he would be living in Latvia. Born in the Middle East, in

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Sweat it out the Latvian way

Turks do it, the Romans did it, even Russians and Swedes do it. Some Latvians consider it the trick

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This week's commemoration of the 1989 Baltic Way was another opportunity for people to consider how

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Stock markets: weekly report (August 13 - 20)

Estonia: Traders shed pessimismThanks to fresh news from Telecom, and speculation surrounding Opt

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Earnings of the listed and to-be-listed companies

Estonia> The consolidated net turnover of the EMV building group was 233.5 million kroons ($15.93

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Banks center of attraction on Baltic bourses

Bank stocks were at the center of attention last week on all three Baltic bourses. Despite the cauti

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Summed up

LATVIA TO CONTINUE PORK MARKET PROTECTION: The Ministry of Agriculture will seek to retain the speci

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Danes threaten to stop investment

VILNIUS (BNS) - Danisco Sugar, the owner of large stakes in the Lithuanian sugar industry, has threa

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