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Youth held over brutal deaths at nursery school

RIGA/GULBENE - A village about 200 kilometers east of Riga was in mourning this week after police sa

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Baltic presidents: time for NATO to name names

TALLINN - At a meeting in the Estonian capital of Tallinn Feb. 18, the presidents of the three Balti

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Time for Lithuania to defend itself

Staff editorial from the Feb. 4 edition of Lietuvos rytas, Lithuania's largest daily newspaper.On

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Maintain the message

History is not bunk, but it is far from being an exact science. Its interpretation also often has a

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Seven deadly sins

It all started with a joke. In the spring of 1996 the mountain climbers Teodors Kirsis and Imants Za

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Little Roberto comes to Latvia

Katya Cengel reports on the Italian opera singer who never aged.The funny thing is," said Roberto

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Freedom Monument fantasies

What do the guards at the Freedom Monument think about while standing stone still for two hours ever

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Polva's Exodus

As Estonian elections inch closer, Rebecca Santana, visited the southeastern city of Polva, only to

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No more Thursday fish days

An increase in variety has helped vegetarianism gain ground in Latvia, but butchers need not worry.

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The farthest flung Latvians

Thousands of Latvians living in Siberia like it there too much to head West. For many Latvians, depo

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