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The case against Aleksandras Lileikis, accused of turning 75 Jews over to Nazi death squads during W

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Ghosts in Latvia's fastest graveyard

Katya Cengel recently visited the bobsled and luge track in Sigulda to rub elbows with Latvia's top

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Faithful farmer

"Do you know the latest?" Varis Kamergrauzis asks. Without waiting for an answer he continues. "A

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When normal is abnormal

I was shocked to find so many "normal" people in Latvia. We've all got some quirks in our personalit

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Helping Moscow orphans inside out

The problems Russian orphans face receive a fair amount of attention, but few look at how this affec

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From firearms to free trade

TALLINN (BNS) - Paldiski, a former closed Soviet military base, has followed Sillamae, another forme

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Energy company, Estonia negotiate

TALLINN (BNS) - The U.S. energy company NRG Energy said it is ready to start talks with the Estonian

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Latvia enlists fertility god to stop criminals

RIGA - On a recent trip to her local supermarket in Imanta, a suburb of Riga, Anna Mironova attempte

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WTO membership eludes Estonia

TALLINN (BNS) - The World Trade Organization did not include the issue of Estonia's full membership

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Loans help TV-tube producer

VILNIUS - One of Lithuania's largest private companies, Ekranas, locked up loans worth $15 million f

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