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Take-two for robber revolutionaries

The beginning of this century saw a volatile mixture of nationalism and socialism erupt into the 190

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A Tallinn artist's brush with greatness

Colorful and accomplished Estonian artist Juri Arrak explains the ethics behind the easel to Anna Ha

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Still in tune with the Lithuanian soul

RIGA - You can go to any Lithuanian village and probably have no problem finding someone ready to ch

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A rare bond: 12 years of the Kursi School

TARTU - Almost 12 years ago, four artists came together in Tartu to form the Kursi School. They star

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Living Latvian history in Siberia

Thousands of miles from their motherland, Latvians in Siberia cling to their identity, as Philip Bir

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Rebuilding independent theater - body and soul

While audiences enjoyed top-class, independent theater on stage at the Homo Novus festival, theater

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Keeping the sounds of the past alive in the present

ILUMAE - It is said of some people that their work is their life. For 62-year-old Mihkel Ploom, this

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We are what we wear

Is European fashion looking to Eastern Europe for inspiration? Vineta Lagzdina reports on Riga's hea

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Peace runners tear through Baltics

Thousands have already carried it, but last month, it was the Baltic states' turn, as the Millen

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Teenagers write their own show

The TV show that Armands Ekstets directs, "The Long Break," may be based on the American teen serial

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