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Composer and saxophone player Nic Gotham first visited Latvia in 1991 with his Canadian-Latvian wife

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Vilnius' Cathedral Square: the work goes on

Old Vilnius is in the midst of a facelift, as work crews seize the warmer weather to rebrick, repave

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Civil society at the crossroads

Estonia's business sector is the darling of the international media. Estonia's government is the Eur

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Latgale won't let go of its language

REZEKNE - While Latvia's Parliament grapples this week with legislation to further entrench the Latv

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Latvia leads the way in integrative medicine

East meets West in Professor Nikolay Nikolayev's acupuncture practice. Vineta Lagzdina talks to the

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Art that's too popular to be art?

The lighthearted works of Estonian painter and graphic artist Navitrolla have drawn a few disapprovi

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Beating winter at its own game

Baby, it's cold outside. Or, rather, it should be cold outside, but instead the Baltics have been su

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Ancient cures for new-world ills

As the winter weather refuses to shake off its grey pall, we all need a little warmth and comfort. V

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Lenin and Stalin stand again

They once stood in the central squares of Lithuanian cities. Now, they are destined to stand in a fo

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Estonia's biggest promoter

Neil Taylor recounts a harrowing story - a pack of British train buffs, who came to tour the underde

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