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World wanderer rates Baltics

How do the Baltics rate to a world trav-eler on a shoestring budget? We asked Paul A. Fitz

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Baltics: land of misconception

Last year the Latvian Institute, the organi-zation assigned the daunting task of devel

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Filming the first Pan-Baltic feature

Elina Cerpa reports on the Baltics' first jointly-produced feature film and the Latvians and Estonia

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Estonia's little Russia

Learning Estonian by immersion. It's the newest attempt to bring the Russian-speaking residents of N

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When will Themis' eyes open?

We are approaching the 23rd of August - the day on which the Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact was signed 60 y

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Virtual friends become a real couple

Two years ago 22-year-old Kerry Long would have thought the idea of his marrying a Latvian woman abs

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Texas-sized enthusiasm

The central Texas town of Round Rock has never been known as a hub of Lithuanian enthusiasts. It is

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Jazz on the sunshine coast

If the jazz workshops in Saulkrasti Aug. 2-8 signal the future, then a new era of jazz is dawning in

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Lithuanian monument gets a make-over

In Cathedral Square in the center of Vilnius stands a monument dedicated to the Grand Duke Gediminas

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Lithuanian hospitality

Summertime always creates an influx of foreign travelers to Lithuania. Those who fail to visit a Lit

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