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Grand Duke Antanas

Anthony Bowie left the NBA to play for the Kaunas Zalgiris basketball club last year. The 197-centim

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Scaling the walls of their prison

Andrejs Vaza steps into the back of his sports equipment shop to announce the bad news: There is sti

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Hash harriers return to Riga

Dope was not involved, although by the look of the leaflets and the description of the event, this w

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Yee-haw, it's AgroBalt!

Thousands of Lithuanians came out to Vilnius' largest trade fair earlier this month. Little did they

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Private lives and public funds

The 10th annual Balticum Film and TV Festival showed Baltic directors how to turn weaknesses into st

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One Man and His Bat

Jason Barry may seem a little batty about cricket, but he is certainly game for a challenge. The

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Making it in the fashion world

In Lithuania private tailors abound everywhere and hardly a woman does not stow away a sketch pad wi

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Sorry, on vacation!

Ah, summer. A time to relax, enjoy the sun, sip lemonade in the shade and swim at the beach. But wha

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A cat with class

Although she is a native of Lithuania, Lola knew if she was going to get anywhere in this world, Est

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Beautiful faces spoiled by cruel liquids

In the small town of Kohtla-Jarve, Maria Knjazeva reports on the increase of alcoholism among the "f

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