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Depositors can bank on 500 lats, but no more

RIGA - Latvia's law on bank deposits promises private depositors in Rigas Komercbanka that they will

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Wanted: An army of white knights

RIGA - Salvation Army administrator Maj. David Young can't pay the 10-lat fine the charity got for f

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Catch-22 on tobacco tariffs

RIGA - Latvia may be trapped into an international trade dispute if it increases import tariff on ci

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The redcoats are coming√Čmaybe

VILNIUS - PowerBridge is out, nobody's in yet - but at least there's a contender.The PowerBridge

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Lithuanian vendors strike again

VILNIUS (BNS) - A few dozen vendors started a hunger-strike near the Lithuanian Parliament's buildin

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Pollution tax exemption available to more firms

TALLINN - More enterprises will be eligible for pollution tax exemptions as a result of a legislativ

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Every fifth skier wears Estonian skis

TALLINN - Not every Estonian knows that the wood processor Viisnurk produces every fifth pair of cro

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Summed up

INCOMPETENCE LED TO MAAPANK'S BANKRUPTCY: The parliamentary commission investigating Maapank's bankr

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Vilnius remains rigid on customs

RIGA - Neither Latvia nor Estonia managed to convince Lithuania to drop minimum prices on imported a

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Shaping Estonia as a transit corridor

TALLINN - The future of the Estonian economy could lie in the transit industry, but in order to main

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