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WTO membership eludes Estonia

TALLINN (BNS) - The World Trade Organization did not include the issue of Estonia's full membership

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Loans help TV-tube producer

VILNIUS - One of Lithuania's largest private companies, Ekranas, locked up loans worth $15 million f

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Too many hurdles for investors to jump

RIGA - Doing business in Latvia would be much easier if the country would introduce clear-cut regula

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Summed up

LATVIAN TRUCKS RUN INTO POLISH PROTESTERS: Latvian truck haulers incurred serious losses due to a fa

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Neste pumps work around the clock

RIGA - Finnish oil and gas refiner and retailer Neste will pump millions of liters of gas and 20 mil

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Finns go for Estonian clothes

TALLINN - The Finnish clothing company P.T.A. will acquire a large stake in one of the biggest Eston

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Lithuania in the Baltic doghouse over free trade

VILNIUS - First, Riga angered its Baltic neighbors by flirting with import quotas on pork. Now, Lith

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Russian pressure shuts down refinery

VILNIUS (BNS) - The Mazeikiai Oil refinery had to shut down temporarily Jan. 29 due to shortage of c

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Unlaundered money buys less in Latvia

RIGA - Michael Foster was not happy. He had learned that surcharges on money exchanges could drop th

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MPs protest telecom privatization

TALLINN - While the cat's away, the mice will play. As the Eesti Telekom representatives were pitchi

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