New appointments in the Baltics

  • 2001-08-09
Five new ambassadors to Lithuania presented their credentials to President Valdas Adamkus last week.

Netherlands Ambassador to Lithuania Pim Richard Johan Dumore will be the first ambassador of his country to reside in Vilnius. The opening of the embassy will strengthen the bilateral ties between the two countries, Dumore said in the ceremony. He also confirmed his country's support of Lithuania's EU and NATO membership aspirations. The Netherlands Embassy was until now based in Riga. Adamkus rejoiced at the active economic and trade cooperation between Lithuania and the Netherlands, which, in the words of the president, may be enhanced even more.

Dumore, 45, has served at the Netherlands Embassy in the United States. Before arriving in Lithuania, he worked in the Netherlands Foreign Ministry.

Presenting his letter of credentials, the Japanese Ambassador to Lithuania Shohei Naito said the Japanese government appreciates the progress Lithuania has made in the areas of democracy, transition to a market economy and privatization.

Adam-kus said Lithuania is interested in maintaining closer economic and trade relations with Japan and closer cooperation in the energy sector.

Naito, 58, who will reside in Copenhagen, has worked in the Japanese embassies in France, Iran and Cambodia. Naito was chief of protocol at the Japanese Foreign Ministry before arriving in Vilnius.

The new Chilean Ambassador to Lithuania Jaime Lagos Erazo expressed a hope that Lithuania and Chile will further develop bilateral cooperation in economy and trade.

Adamkus noted in his speech that Lithuania and Chile are not now maintaining close bilateral relations; thus, efforts have to be made so that the two countries sign major agreements allowing for an intensification of trade and tourism and to encourage cultural and academic exchange.

Lagos Erazo, 61, will reside in Copenhagen.

New Zambian Ambassador to Lithuania Josephine Sarah Kafwembe presented her credentials on Aug. 1. Kafwembe, 49, was appointed as her country's ambassador to Sweden in 2000 and is residing in Stockholm. Before that she had worked in the educational sphere in Zambia for 25 years. Kafwembe speaks English and Zambian, she is married and has 3 children.

New Nigerian Ambassador to Lithuania Alfred Johnson Nanna presented his credentials on Aug. 1. Nanna, 57, joined his country's diplomatic service in 1972, since then he has worked in Nigerian missions at the United Nations in Geneva and New York, and in the embassy in Mali. The new Nigerian ambassador will reside in Kiev, Ukraine. Nanna is married, has 5 children. His hobbies include reading, playing golf and watching soccer.