Baltic IT associations form alliance

  • 2001-04-12
  • Lauris Rinmanis
RIGA - On the first day of the eighth international technology exibition Baltic IT&T in Riga on April 5 the representatives of the four largest information and communication technology associations in the Baltics signed a protocol of intent to form the Baltic Sea alliance of ICT associations. It is an open agreement and other associations of this kind are welcome to join.

ICT associations were created by information technology and telecommunications companies to tackle issues like developing an information society, education, government policies, legislation, research and statistics as well as developing a code of ethics for industry professionals.

The associations unite most information technology and telecommunications companies of a particular country, including software developers, telecom operators, consultants, publishers, as well as other associations which have more specific orientation and interests.

The agreement was signed by Jaak Anton from the Association of Estonian Information Technology and Telecommunications Companies; Imants Freibergs of the Latvian Information and Technology and Telecommunication Association; Vytautas Vitkauskas of the Association of Information Technology, Telecommunications and Office Equipment Companies of Lithuania and Jaan Oruaas of the Estonian Information Technology Society. Their associations unite more than 360 Baltic IT companies and individual members.

They were joined by Jaro Berce, the state undersecretary from Slovenia's government office for EU affairs, who presented Slovenian experience on related matters.

Slovenia was the first country to officially accept the digital signature to be used in governmental organizations.