4G connects in Estonia

  • 2014-08-06
  • From wire report

TALLINN - Though stores are not yet selling 4G mobile devices, by using prototype phones Estonia’s first telephone call in the 4G network was made on July 15. In the historic event, Managing Director of Tele2 Argo Virkebau called Tehnopol Startup Incubator manager Marek Muhlberg, reports Public Broadcasting.
Currently, it is possible to use a 4G Internet phone in Estonia, but not to call someone. For calling, the call “falls back” into the 3G system. Nonetheless, Estonia is now one of the first European countries where a 4G network call has been made.

“A 4G call begins immediately after dialing and takes 40 percent less energy. The network is also more efficient and can handle many more calls at the same time, which is a good solution for large-scale events like song festivals,” Virkebau said in a press release. He said that the Tele2 group hopes that 4G technology will reach commercial use in Europe this year. In Estonia, for the Tele2 network, it could happen next year.

Board member at competing mobile communications company Elisa Andrus Hiiepuu said that since Elisa has developed call solutions covering the entire country for the 2G and 3G generations, using the new solution is not too urgent a matter, as 4G as a phone call solution does not have any remarkable advantage over the existing calling solutions.