Company briefs

  • 2014-06-04

The Baltic media advertising market reached 248.6 million euros in revenue last year, show data gathered by TNS, reports According to TNS marketing manager Laura Vendele, the Latvian media advertising market reached 73.4 million euros. This data cannot be compared with the data from 2012 because of the changes in the research methodology. In comparison with 2013, the Lithuanian market last year dropped by 0.6 percent, reaching 98.8 million euros. The Estonian advertising market in 2013 was 76.4 million euros, growing by 5.5 percent, compared to 2012. Spending of 103.5 million euros was on TV advertisements. Newspapers came in second at 39.5 million euros. Total advertising on the Internet reached 34.8 million euros, followed by radio with 24 million euros and magazine advertising with 23.3 million euros. Outdoor advertising was 22.8 million euros, with the smallest amount spent on cinema, at 800,000 euros.

Latvia’s small ports handled 575,100 tons of cargo from January-April 2014, 23.7 percent more than in January-April 2013, when the ports handled 465,000 tons of cargo, according to Transport Ministry data, reports LETA. Skulte Port had the largest cargo turnover at 292,100 tons, 21.5 percent more than for this period in 2013. Mersrags Port’s cargo turnover increased 30.6 percent to 155,200 tons. Salacgriva Port’s cargo turnover was 112,600 tons, a 20.3 percent increase. Roja Port handled 15,200 tons of cargo from January-April 2014, 24.5 percent more than in January-April 2013. No cargo was handled at Pavilosta Port in the January-April 2014 period.

Mobile phone operator Tele2 lost 915 phone numbers in May in Estonia to phone number portability, and over four months the company has lost nearly 4,000 numbers, reports Public Broadcasting. EMT in May lost 101 numbers and Elisa gained 1,016 numbers, Technical Supervision Board phone number portability statistics indicate. In the first four months of the year, Tele2 has lost 3,932 numbers and Elisa and EMT have gained 2,628 and 1,304 numbers, respectively. Mobile number portability (MNP) enables mobile telephone users to retain their mobile telephone numbers when changing from one mobile network operator to another. Tele2 spokesman Hans Saarvelt has said that the number portability statistics only shows the balance between the operators but doesn’t take the general picture into account.