No fern flower, but opportunities galore

  • 2013-06-26
  • From wire reports

ZARASAI - Lithuania’s President Dalia Grybauskaite visited the village of Vajasiskis in the Zarasai district, where she met with the folks in the communities of Antaliepte, Vajasiskis and other villages and together celebrated the ancient traditional Lithuanian midsummer holiday Rasos (John’s day), reports ELTA.

The president learned about the oldest traditions of the Rasos holiday, and together with the local women made flower wreaths, burnt bonfires, and looked for the magic fern blossom. Grybauskaite also visited the Vajasiskis community house that was established in an authentic 19th century building; there she took a close interest in ancient crafts, customs, and listened to ancient folk songs.

“The inventiveness and creativity of people turn even the most remote places of the country into poles of attraction. The strongest and most friendly communities are those who look after the ancient Lithuanian folk customs and traditions from generation to generation, those who celebrate together,” said the president.
Vajasiskis village attracts tourist with a centuries-old atmosphere, traditional Lithuanian crafts, natural materials, skilled artisans, and traditional food. According to the president, this project is a perfect opportunity for village communities to develop small businesses, encourage employment, attract visitors interested in traditional crafts, folk customs and traditions, heritage and beautiful nature.

Grybauskaite also said that this was a unique story of success of a Lithuanian village when an activity that was meaningful and strengthened communities was started by taking some responsibility and showing initiative.