Clean water to come to Kivioli

  • 2012-10-31
  • From wire reports

KIVIOLI - Estonian construction company Nordecon entered into an agreement with Jarve Biopuhastus, the water company belonging to the Johvi, Kohtla-Jarve, Pussi and Kivioli local governments, for the construction of the first stage of the water and sewerage systems for Kivioli, the company said in a statement, reports LETA. The total value of the project (including a reserve for unforeseeable work) is 4.5 million euros, plus VAT.

“Although a lot has already been done in Kivioli to boost the quality of its drinking water and for the proper treatment of its waste water, the next few years will give hundreds of households in the town even more reason to be happy,” said Avo Ambur, a member of the management board of Nordecon.
“In the course of the work that’s about to begin, the old pipeline will be replaced with new pipes which will deliver drinking water to people’s homes meeting all of the modern requirements. There’ll be no more leaks, either, and far fewer environmental risks,” Ambur noted.

Ambur stated that for historical reasons, the availability of clean drinking water means more to the residents of Kivioli - which is located in an active mining area - than it does to many other Estonians. As such, the company considers it very important to meet its deadlines and ensure that everyone is happy with the results despite the complex geological conditions involved in the construction process.

Construction of the first stage of the water and sewerage system for Kivioli will see work carried out in the area between Kuuse, Lepa and Vosa Streets. A total of 8.1 km of new pipeline will be laid, as well as 9.3 km of self-flowing sewerage pipes and a three kilometer network of pressurized pipeline. Nine waste water pumping stations and a process management and control system will also be constructed.
The project has been commissioned by Jarve Biopuhastus, with supervision to be provided on behalf of the client by Infragate Eesti. Work is likely to commence in November and last for 9 months.