Company briefs - 2012-06-14

  • 2012-06-13

Technology company ABB installed on June 7 in the Ulemiste City business district in Tallinn the first electric car speed charger for testing, reports Pubic Broadcasting. The first charger is meant for technical testing of the system. By the end of July at the latest, when around 20 chargers have been installed in different places in Estonia, they will be opened for public use. Until the end of October, the use of the speed charging system is free-of-charge for electric cars owners. After the pan-Estonian charging network of 160 speed chargers is completed by the beginning of November, charging takes place for a fee. In order to use the chargers, people have to conclude a service contract. The monthly fee is around 10 euros and one charging costs nearly 3 euros.

On June 11, a solar power plant was launched in Bulgaria, for which modules named ‘Solet’ were produced by Lithuanian company Precizika, reports ELTA. Precizika is the only company in the Baltics producing solar modules, and the solar power plant in Bulgaria is the first large project involving Lithuanian capital in the area of renewable solar energy. “1.5 megawatts, for those who understand, is a number which means high capacity. This is the first Lithuanian producers’ step in the solar energy area, and we are proud to have opened the door for further big steps outside Lithuania. While others are only discussing solar energy, similarly to basketball and ecology, we are no longer demonstrating ideas or plans but real facts and Lithuanian producers’ investments abroad, of the highest quality, have already been fulfilled,” Tomas Baranauskas, director general of Precizika, said. Bulgarian representative Konstantin Popov said that the new project will enable Bulgaria to receive solar energy with products that conform to European standards.