Company briefs - 2011-07-21

  • 2011-07-20

Wireless Internet tests are being conducted in all electric and diesel trains of the Latvian railway company Pasazieru Vilciens, as PV plans to launch wireless Internet on passenger trains from this fall, reports Results of the tests will be analyzed in the fall, and an operator to provide wireless Internet service will be selected according to the results of the tests. At the same time, PV emphasizes that railroads are far from populated areas in some places, where Internet speeds may be slow. Wireless Internet will be available in one car per train – Estonia’s experience shows that this is enough. Triatel already provides wireless Internet in some train cars on the Riga-Moscow and Riga-St.Petersburg routes. PV previously announced that its passenger turnover in June reached 1.8 million passengers.

The number of work-related accidents grew by 15 percent year-on-year in the second quarter of this year, which, according to the Labor Inspection Deputy Director General Herko Sunts, is partly caused by the improving economy, reports Aripaev Online. Sunts said that employers are not rushing to hire new staff when production volumes grow, and that means higher work stress on the existing employees, which can lead to carelessness due to overwork of the staff which increases the risk for work-related accidents to happen. In the second quarter the inspection reported 764 work-related accidents, of which 613 were light and 150 ended with serious bodily injuries. One accident ended with death. Abroad, 23 work-related accidents with Estonian employees happened in the second quarter, 6 of which ended with serious bodily harm.