Lithuanians understand ‘green’

  • 2010-12-23
  • From wire reports

VILNIUS - A survey of businesses in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and northwest Russia regarding eco-labeling shows that Lithuanian businesses believe most in the benefits of the practice of eco-labeling and think it would increase export sales, show results at the Nordic Council of Ministers Office in Lithuania, reports news agency LETA. More than 60 percent of Lithuanian-based companies questioned during the survey admit to these perceived benefits.

Less optimistic, according to the study, were businessmen in Estonia, where only 37 percent believe eco-labeling can have a positive impact. All in all, nearly 750 enterprises took part in the survey; 138 of them were Lithuanian.
The survey also shows that general knowledge about eco-labeling is relatively low in the Baltic countries and northwest Russia. However, 65 percent of the companies could name at least one eco-label: Nordic eco-label Swan, German Blue Angel, EU Flower or other.

According to survey respondents, there are lots of myths about eco-labeling and related costs. Positive examples about local companies who have succeeded in attaining an eco-label should be presented. This would prove that eco-labeling can help companies in both saving and higher earnings.
Taking it one step further, a company’s export partners and consumers are the driving force of eco-labeling and creating demand for eco-labeled goods and services.

The survey was carried out by the Swedish Trade Council within the framework of the project on eco-labeling implemented by the Nordic Council of Ministers Office in Lithuania. The survey put special focus on the Nordic eco-label Swan.

The Nordic eco-label Swan is considered one of the most successful eco-labels in the world, as 91 percent of consumers in the Nordic countries recognize the mark.