Tallinn to get three new shopping malls

  • 2000-09-28
TALLINN (BNS) - Three new shopping malls with an aggregate sales area of some 35,000 square meters will open their doors in Tallinn in the next several weeks.

The owners of Jarve Selver supermarket complex, the Sikupilli and the Magistrali malls have invested about 350 million kroons ($19.3 million) in the projects, the business daily Aripaev reported Sept. 25.

Jarve Selver, the fourth supermarket complex of the Tallinna Kaubamaja department store group, built by the main road leading to the southwest from the city center, has a total trade and service area of 8,000 square meters. The four-story building has a total floor area of 13,000 square meters.

The Sikupilli mall in Tartu Road to the southeast of the city center has 17,000 square meters of floor area in three sections, 8,000 square meters of which are taken up by the Prisma hypermarket.

A new supermarket and mall complex called Magistrali will open in the residential district of Mustamae on Oct. 26.

The biggest operators on the new center's 9,500 or so square meters of rental space are the household goods sellers Kodu-Extra, the Rimi supermarket chain, clothes retailers Seppala and sporting goods sellers Rademar.