Lithuania, Russia finalize investment deal

  • 1998-07-23
VILNIUS (BNS) – Lithuanian and Russian diplomats have finished drafting a bilateral agreement on encouraging and protecting investments, which is expected to be signed during Lithuanian Prime Minister Gediminas Vagnorius' visit to Russia this coming fall. The text of the treaty was initialed during talks in Moscow last week by the deputy director of the Lithuanian Foreign Ministry's Legal and International Agreements Department, Sigute Jakstonyte, and the deputy director of the International Legal Cooperation Department of the Russian Economy Ministry, Aleksandra Berdenikova, the Lithuanian Foreign Ministry said.
Vagnorius planned to go to Russia in May, but his visit was put off until the fall due to the Russian Cabinet reshuffle.
Vagnorius' upcoming visit and the economic deals to be signed were discussed with Russian Foreign Minister Yevgenyi Primakov, who visited Lithuania in June.