Company briefs - 2009-03-18

  • 2009-03-18
AS Raunisaare has announced that it will put plans to build a controversial new windfarm on the Estonian island of Hiumaa on hold after polls revealed local residents' opposition to the project, the daily Eesti Paevaleht says. "We want at present to complete the wind park in East Virumaa. As to Hiiumaa, I think this is a sensitive issue, so we'll wait until after the election and then start making the economic calculations," one of the owners of the company, Ulo Parnits, told the paper. Parnits said he was surprised that in only a couple of months opponents of the wind farm project managed to collect nearly 8,000 signatures from the islands 10,000 residents. Last week representatives of the anti-wind park association handed the protest petition to the governor of the island county and the speaker of parliament. Raunisaare last fall announced plans to build a 500-megawatt wind park in Hiiumaa. The company's owners include AS Mainor, a holding of Ulo and Guido Parnits, and Canada-registered Greta Energy Inc.