Supermarket lays claim to generic name

  • 2000-08-24
RIGA (BNS) - The management of the Internet company Delfi voiced surprise over reaction of the Norwegian-based Linstow Varner company, developer of Mols supermarket, on inclusion of the word "mols" in the name of the new Internet shop E-mols, run by the Internet company Delfi.

The word "mols" means "mall" in Latvian.

The remark was expressed to BNS by Delfi marketing director Juris Mendzins while commenting on the statement by Linstow Varner it is considering requesting the Competition Council to assess the use of the word "mols" in the name of Internet supermarket E-mols. Mendzins meanwhile said the domain of the Internet supermarket E-mols was registered by the founders of Delfi company a while ago.

Therefore, he argues, a question arises why the supermarket is voicing its objections to the use of the word "mols" in this domain only now.

Mendzins also said Mols and E-mols represent completely different businesses, therefore the infringement of consumer interests is not possible because the two businesses cannot be mixed up.

He added the word "mols" in the name E-mols is the adapted version of the English word "mall," which means supermarket or shopping mall. Mendzins stressed this English word is widely used in the world exactly the way it is used in the names of Internet stores.

Mols supermarket has turned to the Consumer Rights Protection Center to consult with experts who could make professional assessment of the use of the word "mols" in the name E-mols in light of copyright protection and consumer rights protection legislation.

Mols management believes the name of the new Internet store can be perceived in different ways and can create an incorrect impression, tying the operations of the supermarket with the Internet store.