Company briefs - 2006-04-26

  • 2006-04-26
Snaige, a Lithuania-based refrigerator producer, announced that it raised its share in Latvia's market by 7.6 percent last year to nearly 30 percent. A spokeswoman said the company increased sales 16.9 percent in Latvia last year. In the words of CEO Mindaugas Sestokas, "This year, we have also started active marketing in the Ukrainian and Baltic markets. We intend to widen the range of our products in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, as well as to increase sales volumes in East European markets."

Ambient Sound Investments, an Estonian firm belonging to the owners of Skype, an Internet telephone service provider, announced that it posted a profit of nearly 1.7 billion kroons (108.6 million euros) from the sale of Skype to the online auctioneer eBay last year. According to the profit distribution proposal, ASI will distribute 16 million kroons in a dividend to owners, with the remaining 1.6 billion kroons to be retained. The firm's annual report shows that ASI owns 916 million kroons' worth of eBay stock. ASI is equally owned by four creators of Skype 's Toivo Annus, Jaan Tallinn, Ahti Heinla and Priit Kasesalu 's all of whom also have seats on the company's board.