Company briefs - 2005-09-21

  • 2005-09-21
Latvia's Fazer Maiznicas said it would continue to pursue its goal of winning more than 20 percent of Latvia's bread market in a few years. Chief Ivars Skrebelis said that the company has managed to increase its market share from 11.1 percent last year to 15.4 percent this year in the year-and-a-half since the company finished the 4.5 million lat (6.4 million euro) reconstruction at its bakery in Ogre. He said the company has been authorized to bake bread of the well known Fazer brand, which he hopes will help the company win 7 percent of the Latvian bread market over the next couple of years. "The vision of Fazer Bakeries is to become the largest bread baking company on the market," Marku Numminen, managing director of Fazer Maiznicas owner Fazer Bakeries, told the press.

Estonian Air is reportedly planning drastic fleet overhaul within the next two to four years. At the moment, the carrier is leasing five Boeing 737-500s (118 seats), and these may be dropped in favor of two airliners that seat 140 - for London and Dublin routes, for instance - and several smaller craft with 70 - 80 seats for charter flights. Marketing and public relations director Maris Kivi refused to comment on the fleet renewal plans. "We are certainly dealing with planning every year, are looking far into the future and making plans and calculations," she told the Eesti Paevaleht daily.

Lietuvos Gelezinkeliai (Lithuanian Railways) said it planned to buy its first two double-deck electric trains for a total 12 million euros. The company announced the tender last week, with offers to be accepted until Nov. 8. It is planned that the new double-deck trains will run between Vilnius and Kaunas. Considering the 15 - 20 month manufacturing time on such trains, LG will receive its first double-decker in late 2006 at the earliest. The state-owned company now operates single-deck electric passenger trains on two lines, Vilnius-Kaunas and Vilnius-Trakai, though the double-deckers will not run on the latter route.