Keeping motivated to escape unemployment

  • 2019-04-02
  • Katlyn Eriksen

While unemployment in Latvia may have dropped by 14.8 per cent last year, if you are make up the percentage of unemployed, it can feel humiliating and demoralising. The impact of unemployment on our wellbeing stretches further than just a lack of income. Several studies have shown the link between unemployment and ill health, with people experiencing feelings of insecurity, worry and stress, leading to increased isolation.  To help you get back onto the road of employment, you need a positive mental attitude, but also you need to know what help is available to help support you while you find new employment.

Can You Claim Unemployment Benefits?

If you are a Latvian resident and become unemployed, you can apply for unemployment benefits which are awarded if you worked for a minimum of one year and have paid social insurance contributions for at least a year, during the previous 16 months. If you are looking for work after living with a disability, or care for a child with disabilities who is under 18 years old, you may also be entitled to unemployment benefits. The benefits are awarded regardless of whether social insurance contributions have been paid. But if you do want to get back into work, what practical steps can you take to help you find work?

Overhaul Your Mental Attitude

When you are unemployed and living in the Baltic States, it can be common to fall into the vicious circle that the longer you are out of work, the more insecure and anxious or even depressed you may feel. This, in turn, can impact on the chances of you landing a job. It can become easy to find yourself caught up in negative thinking. To help you get out of unemployment and into work, you need the right positive attitude and that starts by taking some personal responsibility for yourself and your situation.

Review Your Employment Strategy

How proactive are you with your job hunting? It may be that you need to review your job hunting strategy and look at how effective it has been. Are you using your time effectively? Are there any training opportunities you could take advantage of to boost your skills? Look at what more you can do. Whether you look at recruitment websites, utilise online job fairs, or even simply ask around locally, you need to be proactive in your search. Would moving to another region help you find more suitable work?

Latvia may have a good record of employment, but just as if you lived in any other part of the Baltic States, if you are out of work, then it can be a very stressful time. But work is out there, you just need to find it. The first step is to make sure that you have your finances in order and claiming the benefits you are entitled to. Then you can positively focus on improving your skills and making sure that you have the best possible mindset to get that next job.