How Cryptocurrency Is Changing The Face Of The Online Casino Industry

  • 2022-09-06

The world is edging towards sustainable systems that do not only cut costs but also make life easy, as it is for cryptocurrency. The gambling industry is fascinated by sustainable, secured, and transparent financial systems, which is what crypto offers. Many USA online casinos have cryptocurrency amongst their payment preferred by players.

Cryptocurrency is not the same system that banks, credit cards, or e-wallets like PayPal, Neteller, and others use. It exists on blockchain technology, which relies on a peer-to-peer system for operation, making it multilayered in security, processing payments faster, and offering users more benefits.

Bitcoin was the first form of cryptocurrency, dating back to 2009. Crypto has evolved with several other tokens across the blockchain and now changes how the online casino industry works. Leaders and industry owners want a financial instrument that players can trust while they’re able to protect their income and process customer transactions without government restrictions. That’s what Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Solana, and other coins do.

If you’re still wondering how this financial service method changes the online casino industry, here are six ways we have seen so far.

6 Ways Cryptocurrency Is Shaping The Online Gambling Industry

The gambling industry has been steadily growing since 2020. However, the more it grows, the more cybersecurity concerns it has witnessed. This is one of the reasons crypto payments have been adopted, and here are the ways it improves the industry:

1. Security

Every player wants to feel safe where they play their games. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other digital assets for paying are highly secure, as they’re developed with several layers of encryption and verification, making them difficult to hack.

Unlike traditional payment methods, the blockchain does not request your personal information or make you vulnerable to weak security measures. Also, crypto doesn’t need information like your address, social security number, or real name. It only requires your email address, which isn’t revealed when you shop online or pay into a casino.

Additionally, your transactions are ascertained on the blockchain ledger (which keeps records and makes all processes transparent). Your private keys, like your account number, are also encrypted, making the process more secure and reliable.

2. Players Can Choose Privacy

Crypto offers privacy as it doesn’t require your private data, as already stated. If you don’t want your identity revealed online, depositing and withdrawing through cryptocurrency is your best bet. You can also protect your wallet (which you’d be assigned when creating a Bitcoin or Ethereum account). Your wallet is accessible to you alone and is a mix of figures, words, and symbols, making it hard to guess or crack.

You only need to register with your real name and email address to a gambling site, which doesn’t affect your intention to gamble incognito. 

However, you can enjoy absolute privacy when you send money to the gambling site. Your wallet details are known to you alone, and you can use the deposit receipt to gamble in the casino. They don’t need to know where it came from; they only need to see the transaction’s success.

This anonymity protects you from the government. Also, your family cannot track your gambling habits by looking into your bank statements, so crypto saves you from the drama. You can pay or withdraw online using digital assets without any link to your bank. This fuels the privacy of gambling online without being discovered.

3. It’s Easy to Set Up

Companies like Coinbase, Square, Circle, Binance, and BitPay are established solely to manage your digital assets. You can either set up your crypto account through these third-party apps (transaction fee applies) or get these coins from a trusted seller who will be your exchanger. You’ll pay dollars (or any other chosen currency) for the coin, which you’ll then use to pay to an online casino.

It’s straightforward and doesn’t need you to visit a bank or spend more than 30 minutes setting it up, which is why many have chosen to pay and withdraw their money through cryptocurrency.

This is essentially why the online gambling community is tilting towards it. Many casinos even offer bonuses to gamblers that pay with crypto as an incentive to encourage more gambling.

4. It’s Accepted Globally

Many online payment methods, like PayPal, are either restricted in some countries in Africa, South America, or Asia or are not as functional as in the West in these developing countries. This means that someone in any of these countries will be unable to use PayPal to gamble online, reducing the profits of US-based casinos.

The online gambling industry is changing this by adopting digital assets as a payment method without restrictions or hefty transaction fees.

This way, anyone worldwide, even in the Arctic region, can gamble in any casino without difficulty processing or receiving payments. This accessibility and convertibility to any currency make it the most versatile payment method.

5. Cryptocurrency is Legally Safe

The payment method is decentralized, i.e., not controlled by any government or multinational bank. This makes it independent of their laws and restrictions.

However, crypto gains power through public acceptance, making it a chosen method for many players. Hence, casinos prioritize their customers’ safety, and they guarantee privacy and process payments faster. In other words, that the system is built to offer value to customers doesn’t make it unsafe.

6. Cryptocurrency Payment Options Processes Payment Faster

Almost every professional gambler has experienced late deposits or withdrawals, so the average person is usually uneasy and afraid about where their money is.

Transactions through crypto are processed in real-time, so your recipient will get the funds as soon as you transfer them. This means you can send or receive money from any country worldwide with a 100% success rate as soon as the transaction is processed from your end.

The average transaction is wholly carried out in 2-5 minutes. It’s the same for you if you’re expecting money from a gambling site.


Gambling online has its pros and cons, the latter of which is the skepticism about the payment method, the insecurity, and the challenge of privacy.

Cryptocurrency changes this for the online casino industry as its multilayered security and encryption systems make you safe. You’d also enjoy faster payments and global accessibility, unlike traditional payment methods.