EUR 87 mln of Russian, Belarusian companies' funds frozen in Lithuania so far

  • 2022-12-28
  • BNS/TBT Staff

VILNIUS – Some 77.88 million euros and 9.46 million US dollars (8.9 million euros) in Russian and Belarusian companies' funds have been frozen in Lithuania so far, the Interior Ministry said on Wednesday, citing data from the Financial Crime Investigation Service (FCIS).  

The FCIS imposed sanctions on 16 legal and natural persons as of December 20,  freezing the funds of nine Russian companies, and six companies and one natural person from Belarus.

The service says that the amount of funds frozen in the Russian companies' accounts totals more than 42.97 million euros and 1.78 million US dollars, and the amount of incoming frozen funds whose senders are subject to EU sanctions totals 1.45 million euros, 1.32 million US dolalrs and around  215,000 Russian roubles.

The amount of funds frozen in the accounts of the Belarusian companies and the individual totals 34.91 million euros and 7.68 million US dollars, according to the FCIS.  

The 16 sanctioned companies include Inter RAO Lietuva, Lifosa, EuroChem Logistics International, PhosAgro Baltic, Vydmantai Wind Park, IDS Borjomi Europe, and others.