Estonia: Circle K says sales of 98 gasoline grow drastically with transitioning to biofuel

  • 2018-07-31
  • LETA/TBT Staff

TALLINN – Ivo Popp, product manager for motor fuels at fuel retailer Circle K, said that the transition to biofuels that took place in May increased the consumption of 98 octane gasoline in Estonia by 75 percent.

"Estonia in May transitioned to motor fuel containing biocomponents and likely as a result of that, many customers have started favoring 98 octane gasoline, which by law does not have to have biocomponents added to it," Popp said in a press release.

According to an overview compiled by the Tax and Customs Board, altogether 2 million liters of 98 octane gasoline was sold in Estonia in April, but already 3.5 million liters was sold after the compulsory adding of biocomponents to motor fuels in May. Popp said that a large portion of the new 98 octane gasoline consumers wish to fill their cars with the best quality fuel and this has caused a sharp increase in sales.

"For those who definitely want a motor fuel without biocomponents, I promise that the 98 octane gasoline sold at Circle K is 100 percent fossil and no biocomponents have been added to it. Through that we wish to offer owners of sport cars, heritage vehicles and garden and forest equipment, who have doubts about the suitability of ethanol, a safe and best possible quality alternative," Popp said.