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Ott LeplandUnpluggedJuly 27 - Vormsi Jaanituleplats

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“The worst is over,” says Lagarde

RIGA - International Monetary Fund chief Christine Lagarde on July 16 praised Eastern Europe f

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Growth key to Lithuania’s euro hopes

VILNIUS - Lithuania’s economy is growing at an impressive pace, and, having set the goal

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Tax issues dominate at G20 meeting

VILNIUS - Lithuania’s Finance Minister Rimantas Sadzius, representing the Lithuanian Pre

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Who is interested in scandal in the Italian press?

Scandal in the Italian media related to a citizen of Kazakhstan, Alma Shalabaeva, who was supp

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Savings possible with new energy tax

RIGA - Latvia’s Economy Ministry is proposing a new tax on those electricity producers t

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Nuclear power plant decision expected only in October

VILNIUS - During a meeting with Koji Tanaka, executive vice president of Hitachi Ltd. in Vilni

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Japanese ties with Latvia grow

RIGA - Latvia’s Transport Ministry is interested in expanding economic cooperation with

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Special to The Baltic Times Regional development activities in the European Parliament and their importance for Lithuania

The regional policy of the EU provides a set of projects and investments aimed at reducing eco

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