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In our website, we are using cookies in order to ensure that your web browser, either in desktop or mobile device is displaying the website properly. Detailed information about the cookies can be obtained in

We are using following kinds of cookies:

Technical cookies, which are obligatory in order to ensure the basic functioning of the website, for instance, navigation. Without these cookies the website cannot operate properly and might become unusable partly or as a whole.

Functionality cookies, which allows to provide for the visitor additional functionality enhancing possibilities to use the content of our website beyond its original domain by using cookies that are required for the provision of Facebook comments and login functionality, as well as cookies of “AddThis” widget.

Analytical cookies, which allows us to understand how the visitors of our website are using the displayed information by recording and reviewing general data about the visitor’s sessions in anonym manner. For these purposes, we use services of “Google Analytics” and “Google Ads”.


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