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Estonia on stage in Stockholm

  • 2016-05-03
  • William Butt, STOCKHOLM

The Eurovision Song Contest has kicked off to a  kick off start here in Stockholm. Most of the participants have already arrived and settled into their hotels. Rehearsals in the Stockholm Globe Arena began on Monday with nine countries, including Russia rehearsing their p...

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Estonia’s ‘Equal Pay Day’ blemished by lingering inequality

TALLINN - TALLINN - Lack of pay transparency, reenforcement of stereotypes, and maternity leave are all contributing to Estonia having the highest gender pay gap in the EU, equality campaigners say. Last week campaigners for equal wages held Equal Pay Day to raise awareness of the countr...

Japan follows Estonia's lead with electronic ID cards

Japan will become the first large country to introduce an electronic ID card following Estonia’s initiative.   The announcement was made by the Japanese Minister of Finance Akira Amari on Friday after he visited Estonia to learn more about the countries e-services....

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