In cooperation with Latest business and finance news from The Baltic Times. Gene Zolotarev on how to destabilize the EU financial system. Best budget smartphones from Latvia-based manufacturer. The latest budget smartphone Just5 SPACER 2s with 4G provides much greater freedom, speed and opportunities for Internet users.


A closer look at the Lithuanian banking sector

  • 2015-02-05
  • Dr. Michel Verlaine and Alina Rekena

Following our foregoing articles about the Baltic Banking sector, in this issue we focus on the Lithuanian Banking sector. We analyse the balance sheets of the Lithuanian Banks and the data indicates the existence of seven regular Banks. The largest players...

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Seamless data transmission network links Tallinn and Frankfurt via Baltic capitals

Wednesday (21 Jan) saw the official launch of the Baltic Highway, a modern data transmission network, connecting Tallinn and Frankfurt via Riga, Vilnius, Warsaw and Berlin. The 3000 km optical fibre network is distinguished by its reliability, low delay (35 milliseconds), capacity of 100G per cha...

Chief economist on Euro arrival and Rouble spiral

Last month low global oil prices and economic sanctions ramped up the pressure on the Russian economy, causing the Russian rouble to weaken. Meanwhile, Lithuania spent December preparing to join the eurozone, successfully adopting the euro as its national currency on Jan. 1. TBT editor Richard Ma...

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