Barcelona city tours is a perfect opportunity to have a perfect vacation outside the Baltic States. Gene Zolotarev on how to destabilize the EU financial system. Best budget smartphones from Latvia-based manufacturer. The latest budget smartphone Just5 SPACER 2s with 4G provides much greater freedom, speed and opportunities for Internet users.


Talking to a Dutch master

  • 2015-01-08
  • By Will Mawhood and Klaas van der Pol

The Dutch travel writer Jan Brokken has, in a literary career spanning thirty years, written books about a number of exotic and far-off places, including West Africa, the Dutch Caribbean, Indonesia and China, winning acclaim for his adventurous attitude and sensitive style. Bu...

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A Revolution in Music

The Earth Wind & Fire Experience returns to the Baltic with shows in Riga and Tallinn. The group Earth, Wind & Fire began a trend of easy-to-listen-to pop music, and became an international phenomenon during the 1970s. Over the years, they have blended their easy pop so...

A Night of European Film Stars in Riga

The 27th Annual European Film Awards held on December 13th was the centerpiece of the flurry of film events in Riga at the end of 2014, which brought the best and brightest of the European big screen. Arguably the most prestigious film event Riga has ever seen with the likes of German di...

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