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From driftwood huts to canvas collections

  • 2015-04-17
  • by Julius Bailey-Augalistas

If a picture paints a thousand words, this article should be about 17,000 words long. Slight problem: 17,000 words simply wouldn’t do justice to describing the truly remarkable exhibition of Baltic art unveiled at a cosy, cultured and very civilised gathering at the Lith...

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Haute cuisine: the best French restaurants in Riga

The last few years have been a belle epoque for French restaurants in Latvia, with a growing contingent of brasseries and bistros peppering Riga’s streets. Etienne Morisseau, TBT’s Man With the Iron Spoon, puts Riga’s French restaurants to the test. The top fi...

Arena Riga - now that's a venue that takes some beating

As Dynamo Riga’s ice hockey season ends in disappointment, and as VEF Riga’s United League basketball season rests in the balance, TBT’s chief sports contributor Victor Shestopalov extols the virtues of Arena Riga, the unique venue which both teams share. As a...

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