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Star studded line up at this year’s Positivus

  • 2015-07-02
  • By TBT staff

RIGA - First held in 2007, Positivus combines a variety of genres, including indie, pop, folk, electronic and more styles in between. The festival always takes place during an extended weekend- from Thursday afternoon until Sunday morning of the third week of July. Positivus F...

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Vija Vetra, dancing legend and poets’ muse, breezes back to Latvia

RIGA - Vija Vetra, who turned 92 this year, is a true example of an artist who has lived her passion for dance her entire life. She has returned to Latvia for what may be the last time.   Like the first breeze of summer, Vija Vetra has wafted back to Latvia every year sinc...

“Enemy music”

RIGA - The distinguished writer of popular music, pianist, and one of Latvia’s renowned  composers, Raimonds Pauls told The Baltic Times that jazz’s status in the 1950’s during the Soviet occupation of Latvia was considered ‘’enemy music’’.  ...

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